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What is Equivalency Testing?
Equivalency Tests are for people wishing to join the teaching profession or take up a new career, who have not reached the standard grade in their previous schooling. The Equivalency Examinations we offer are equivalent to GCSE.

What does a course entail?
The courses are Home Study so you will not need to attend lessons at a college or university. You can complete your homework on a weekly basis, or in whichever time frame you choose, as long as it is completed within 12 weeks of your registration date. Your work will be marked and constructive feedback will be provided to help you improve. The work will then be sent back to you to the address you provide. This work will prepare you for the timed examination, and is structured in the same way as that of the examination. Your chosen university will be informed of your results. If you are successful in passing the exam, you will receive a certificate.

What is the homework like?
Homework has been designed to cover the topics within the syllabus, thus helping you to develop your skills over twelve weeks study and prepare you for the examination.

How do I submit my homework?
Once you have completed your homework to the best of your ability, you should make sure that you have put your name on all the pages and attached the front sheet with your name clearly written on it.

What is Exam Only?
You may sit your chosen exam on a given date, but this will mean that you must find your own method of study.

Who are the tutors?
Equivalency Testing tutors all have many years experience in their given field of expertise. To find out more about them please select About Us from the menu above.

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