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Course Options

There are two course options

Option One is a home study correspondence course that covers twelve segments of work which you complete over 12 weeks with an exam on completion. You will study at home from a set syllabus and a series of home works covering all topics.

Option Two is examination only .
You will be sent the syllabus but you have to choose your own mode of study.

The cost of Option One is 450.00 per subject. This is broken down as 300.00 for the course and 150.00 for the examination
Please note: You do not have to pay for your exam until you have completed the course.

The cost of Option Two is 150.00 per examination.

Please note that this is a fast track way to achieving your aims and should not be entered without commitment.


Home Study

£300 per subject (+£150 Exam fee)

A correspondence course designed to be completed within 12 weeks but can be completed in less time should you require.

The material in the home study course is designed to cover all the topics on the syllabus.

There are 12 sections of work and you are asked to attempt each section, with the aid of the revision guide, to the best of your ability.

On the completion of each home work you should post back to your designated tutor for marking, they mark and return the work with the strengths and weaknesses clearly outlined

On completion of 10 sections you will need to contact the Equivalency Testing office to book your exam.

This is a linear programme and therefore no marks will be carried forward to your final result.

You will need to gain a minimum of 55% to pass the exam.

Examination Only

£150 per subject

With this option you will be sent a syllabus and past exam paper, you will then choose your on method of study.

If you are thinking of private tuition please see this website CLICK HERE

By choosing examination only Equivalency Testing assumes that you are at GCSE level .

Please contact the office on 01277 203336 or email when you are ready to book your exam.

Whichever option is chosen you need to considered carefully as with any form of study, both options require commitment and dedication.


Document Library

CLICK HERE  to visit our documents library and download application form and syllabuses and notes for your own reference purposes.