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Welcome to Equivalency Testing

If you didn’t quite reach your GCSE goals the first time round then help is on hand through us at Equivalency Testing. We offer grades equivalent to GCSE’s that are accepted throughout many further education establishments.

We understand that the stress and pressure of GCSE’s can take a toll and may not of given you the results you were hoping for. With Equivalency Testing you are given a second chance to take control of your education and give a second chance to students and people looking to further their education and go on to achieve their goals in life.

We offer Maths, English and Science for you to choose from, as these are the core subjects that get you off to the right start in life. You can choose from exam and coursework combination or exam only. We also offer various venues to take your examination.

Examination Dates

Our Exam Only venues are being updated regularly, and new ones can appear at any time. Each exam venue is not course specific and there may be many people all whom are taking a different exam. Please arrive early as late entries may not be allowed to take the exam. Paperwork and identification processes are needed before the actual exam is started.

Applying for University?

Please see the list of establishments that accept our equivalency exams. If you are applying to a specific university, make sure it is on the list and it will accept the result.