Combined Science

 Equivalency Testing for Career Development is the examination board and awarding body.

Course details
This Higher Level Combined Science course is suitable for students who need an equivalent qualification at GCSE level. Designed to be completed over a duration of up to 12 weeks, it comprises 12 assignments. Approximate self-study time of 4 hours per week is required.

There are no prerequisites for starting this course, however a reasonable level of proficiency in arithmetical skills is assumed.

An outline of topics covered in the Equivalency Testing syllabus is provided below, and full information can be requested by emailing

Course materials
An assignment booklet and revision guide is provided.

Course tutor
All coursework is marked by a specialist tutor who gives constructive feedback where necessary. Contact is by email only.


Examination details
Higher Level Combined Science examination is 2 hours in duration.

Examination materials
Pencils, pencil sharpener, rubber, pens, working calculator. Online examinations require a PC or laptop with working camera.

Examination grading
Students need to achieve Grade 4 to pass, but some universities stipulate that a Grade 5 pass is necessary:

Grade 1 (25% to 34%)
Grade 2 (35% to 44%)
Grade 3 (45% to 54%)
Grade 4 pass (55% to 64%)
Grade 5 pass (65% to 74%)
Grade 6 pass (75% to 84%)
Grade 7 pass (85% to 100%)

When can I take the exam?
New dates are added regularly. Check Exam Dates page for availability.


Topics covered in this unit:


  1. Keeping healthy
  2. Nerves and hormones
  3. Control in plants
  4. The use and abuse of drugs
  5. Interdependence and adaptation
  6. Environmental change
  7. Energy in biomass
  8. Waste materials from plants and animals
  9. Genetic variation and its control
  10. Reproduction
  11. Evolution


  1. The fundamental ideas in chemistry
  2. Limestone and building materials
  3. Metals and their uses
  4. Alloys
  5. Crude oil and fuels
  6. Hydrocarbon fuels
  7. Obtaining useful substances from crude oil
  8. Polymers and Ethanol
  9. Plant oils and their uses
  10. Changes in the Earth and its atmosphere


  1. Energy transfer
  2. Energy and efficiency
  3. Usefulness of electrical appliances
  4. Methods of generating electricity
  5. Waves and communications
  6. Electromagnetic radiation
  7. Providing evidence that the Universe is expanding

Coursework and Examination

Students can choose our combined ‘home study and exam’ option in the core subjects of Maths, English, Biology and Combined Science. This flexible approach means home study coursework can be completed any time, and examinations are scheduled on a weekly basis.

Email to request full details on the subject you would like to study.

Examination only

If you have completed the course, or you want to choose ‘exam only’ apply here if you want to sit an examination.