Science - Biology (Higher)

 16 weeks in duration and consists of 12 assignments
(Approximate Self Study Time 4 hours per week.)

Our courses are designed for students who need an equivalent examination at GCSE level.

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People who use Equivalent Testing want to further their career in some of the following professions: Teaching, Nursing, Paramedics, etc or just to move on to higher education.

An assignment booklet and revision guide is given with each course.

If you decide to enrol on a course you will be designated a specialist tutor who will mark your work and give constructive feedback where necessary.
You can contact your tutor via email.

This course and examination is based on the same format as Edexcel.

A Higher Level Science Biology examination is 2 hours in duration.

The approximate number of marks for this paper is 126.

To gain a Grade 4 pass, (55% to 64%) you need to get 69 to 81 marks.        (C)
To gain a Grade 5 pass, (65% to 74%)  you need to get 82  to 93 marks.      (C)
To gain a Grade 6 pass, (75% to 84%) you need to get 94 to 106 marks.      (B)
To gain a Grade 7 pass, (85% to 100%) you need to get 107 to 126 marks.  (A)

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Topics covered in this unit:

  1. Keeping Healthy
  2. Nerves and Hormones
  3. The use and abuse of drugs
  4. Interdependence and Adaptation
  5. Genetic variation, its control and Evolution
  6. Cells and simple cell transport
  7. Proteins – their functions and uses
  8. Cell division and inheritance
  9. Gaseous exchange – Aerobic and anaerobic respiration
  10. Transport systems in plants and animals
  11. Homeostasis
  12. Humans and their environment


There are no prerequisites for starting this course, however a reasonable level of proficiency in arithmetical skills is assumed.

Please note: We cannot accept students who are under 18 years old on this course.

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Please bring to the exam a passport or driving licence otherwise you may not be able to sit the exam.

We cannot accept students who are under 18 years old on this course.

You can sit the examination more than once, but if you fail, full feedback is sent to you, and this should be studied before sitting another examination. Every time you sit an examination you have to pay the full price.

Results are produced within 7 working days.

You can sit an examination at one of our designated places or an examination paper could be sent to the school you are currently working in. This is only with the agreement of the Head or Deputy Head Teacher or equivalent.

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Yes! All examinations are paper based and are of 2 hour duration. Higher Maths is 2.5 hours.

As with all examination boards we take into account for people that may need more time to complete an examination.