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What is GCSE
Equivalency Testing?

GCSE Equivalency tests are for students who have not reached the standard grade in their previous schooling to enter the teaching profession or facilitate another career option.

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Home Study

12 Segment Course

Complete at your own pace and fit in around your existing commitments.

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Examination Only

Follow the syllabus yourself

We send you the syllabus, and you choose your own study method.

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Choose your own route to your new career

Best route to career development - Home Study or Exam Both options offer a fast-track to your new career.

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Mission Statement

It was John F Kennedy who once said:
"Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation".
Never has a more perceptive observation been made in our view and we embrace wholeheartedly that philosophy. Indeed, at a time of austerity measures in the UK, the absence of opportunity for school leavers and unemployment levels increasing exponentially, the idea of education as a passporting tool has become more important than ever.
In this context, our mission is to enable all adults to achieve success in learning, to improve their personal enrichment and enhanced employability skills.
Equivalency Testing is determined to inspire students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development though our stimulating and comprehensive courses We are committed to instilling in each student a desire to learn and to accept challenges and are dedicated to encouraging, supporting and helping all learners to reach their potential.
We are committed to serving our students with the understanding that diversity of gender, physical, mental ability, culture, and background are strengths to be respected.
We recognise and aspire to the Ofqual precepts and ideals of good regulation as follows:-
• Proportionality     • Targeting     • Accountability     • Transparency     • Consistency
We know not the notion of "complacency". We are constantly striving to stretch ourselves as individuals and collectively as a business in the hope that our students can reap the rewards of that progress.

Mr Roger Freestone,
Director and Chief Examiner

Course Notes

  • All exams follow a key stage 4 GCSE syllabus.
  • All exams are ongoing and can be taken throughout the year. To book an exam contact the office on 01277 203336.
  • Provision is also made for exams to be sent to schools or universities.
  • Exam results are issued promptly within one to two weeks.

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